Yaesu Fusion DR-1X – Wires-X configuration

DR-1X Setup

Base Config

I am assuming that in the course of setup that the repeater base config items are already set.

  • Callsign
  • Power level, Time out timer, etc
  • Config RX and TX CTCSS or DCS.
  • Deviation (My repeater has 1.00f other revisions may not have this).

Wires-X Specific

There are a couple of ways I have found to config the repeater, it all depends on your objectives. Mine is to take advantage of the digital voice and data features provided by C4FM. And with revisions from Yaesu be able to have full Wires-X functionality at the handheld or mobile via the repeater.

The repeater TX config determines the mode to be used by the user radios UR for short. Remember the communications mode of the UR is a global setting and not associated with a memory channel. When in auto mode the UR determines what mode to use for transmit, based on what it receives from the repeater (this behavior can be overridden in the UR config, I run mine in full auto). So if the repeater is transmitting Analog FM, the UR will follow and switch to Analog.

If the repeater transmits digital, the UR will see this and flip its transmitter to C4FM. As I prefer digital I have configured the DR1X into Fixed TX digital mode.

20.Oct Update, experienced my first lock up today. Switched input to fixed digital.


Fixed Digital

If you prefer analog that is also an option, what is not an option is full TX auto.


Fixed Analog Setup



Packet Speed

The DR-1X manual details how to set this and it is critical. In my experience if setup incorrectly the repeater will pass Digital out the audio ports. Which in turn will be forwarded onto the Wires-X network.


Packet Speed confirmation

ID Interval

As Wires-X is responsible for ID’ing, disable the internal controller ID feature. If you take down the Wires-X node be sure to turn this back on.


ID Interval off


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  1. Mike says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to share. That is truly in the spirit of Amateur Radio, and I tip my hat to you.

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