POTA Portable antenna mount

Had a request for mount build details so here it is. The pictures tell the story, the hitch parts are from Harbor Freight. Removed the tabs with a chop saw and used a short piece of angle iron to transition from flat to round. The pipe was sourced from O’Reily automotive, it is a hunk of exhaust pipe.

The SpiderBeam pole is just too pretty to scratch up so I looked for a way to protect it. Wrapped it with this stuff and over a dozen uses later it is still holding up well.

Spiderbeam pole wrapped in pipe wrap
D-Ring Receiver Hitch from Harbor Freight
Cut off the tabs.
Angle iron transition from flat to round.
I use a long extension so I can open the back doors with the antenna in place.
Switched to a cutting board as a base, cheap and easy to drill and cut.
Couple of u-bolts allow the whole mess to slide over the pipe mount.
Tuner and cable conveniently store in a milk carton

73, Jay






    • Mike,

      If I have not had the SCG-230 sitting on a shelf I would have gone with a AH-4. Please report how it works for you and look forward to working you.

      73, Jayo

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