DIY Foot Switch

I decided somewhat last-minute to participate in the 2015 Missouri QSO Party held April 4th and 5th and I confirmed what I had already knew. Logging, tuning, working the voice keyer and working the rotor on occasion was a challenge by itself. Not wanting to run VOX due to background sounds in the house managing the log while working PTT my hand was a challenge.

A foot switch would make operating so much more enjoyable.

In preparation for field day I had ordered parts to put together a switch, unfortunately the foot switch did not show up until after the QSO party.

My main radio has a PTT RCA jack on the back making hookup a simple affair. If your radio does not offer a back panel PTT interface you will need to take appropriate measures to expose the PTT circuit from the microphone connector or back panel data port.

Industrial looking foot switches are available on the web in many styles. I bought mine on Ebay, it is brand new and less than $10 shipped.


It is a simple affair to pull apart, a screw on the bottom holds the pivot pin. Loosen the screw and push the pin out. Un solder the short cord provided, and in my case find cable in junk box with RCA male plug and solder the N.O. contacts. Re assemble the assembly and you are done.


Back together and ready for use.


Until next time, 73’s


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