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Name that key

A fellow Ham brought this to the weekly QCWA lunch today. If you can identify please leave a comment. Mystery solved, thanks to NN4RH for identifying. It is a “John King Key” http://www.amplitec.hu/jani_baratom%20_eng.html


2017 Vacation

The MO traffic crew was curious about the vacation Julie and I just returned from so here are some highlights.


DR-1X Lockup

Have encountered a few lockups which per the logs are coinciding with room searches. I believe this is being caused by data corruption in the request as the instances I have seen the client...


QSL Printing

Decided after much hemming and hawing that it was time to print up some QSL cards. Not everyone in this day and age uses or is comfortable using a computer and electronic logs. I...


QSL Card design poll

Have decided to print up some QSL cards, have a couple of layouts and thought I would start an informal poll. Which front would you rather receive? Any changes to the back?    ...


Tower Visitors

Was walking in from the barn and happened to look up and notice a few visitors. The pics below are in no particular order, we had just had a pop up thunderstorm drop an...


DR1X WiresX Lockup

Well after 2 months and 1 week of uptime the repeater got stuck today in “Data” TX after a user performed a search. First time I have seen this and the repeater sees several...

We Have a Winner 4

Yaesu DR-1X 1.10j Firmware we have a winner !

Good news everyone!!! With the release of DR-1X firmware version 1.10j in conjunction with the current version of the Wires-X software all initial indications are we have a winner!! I hedge a bit as...


Yaesu System Fusion fault log

Whenever it faults which is several times a day lately I cut and paste the screen and add it to the attached. N0IAI YSF Fault log 5-March-2016 Update: After dealing with multiple outages a...


Yaesu FTDX3000 Firmware upgrade

Yaesu released a software upgrade on 26.Jan-2016. In typical Yaesu fashion the release note contains a simple release note for the DSP update, “Improved and optimized”. Which I have come to read as we...