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Decided after much hemming and hawing that it was time to print up some QSL cards. Not everyone in this day and age uses or is comfortable using a computer and electronic logs. I also have had the pleasure of being the first contact for multiple hams and I would like to be able to offer a QSL card in recognition.

A web search yields many commercial providers spanning from the simple one sided black ink on colored card stock to 100% custom double sided full color fold in the middle DX expedition greeting cards.

In the end I decided to make up a custom card taking elements from my favorite cards in my collection. I worked up a few drafts of the front and asked the crew of the Missouri traffic net for their opinion and the Horses in Snow won over the other options.

Prior to layout I had to decide on a few requirements.

  • Size
    I choose a 4×6 postcard sized QSL card, if you prefer a smaller card most printers I researched offer custom cut services enabling any size card.
  • Direct mail or envelope
    I choose envelope for two reasons, one allows me to send a self addresses envelope and provides more room on the back side for log info.
  • Layout
    I choose with the help of friends a simple cover photograph of a Missouri winter scene of our horse Sunny and his stable mate Sugar running in the snow. I have plenty of shack pictures on this blog for those who prefer shack pics. On the back I used a full size QSO details grid as I prefer plenty of room for writing. If the volumes justify printing of labels plenty of room to affix a label.

I assembled my QSL card layout using Adobe Photoshop Elements and have posted a QSL card template for others to use on GitHut, see links below.


Version 1.0 release zip is available at the below link.


I selected PrintPlace.com as a provider and using an easy process I exported from Photoshop PDF files for the front and back, selected a 4×6 postcard product on the website. And uploaded the front and back PDF files, in return I received a pdf proof which is shown below.

Once I accepted the proof my order was scheduled and as I was not in any hurry my order arrived later that week.

73 Until next time, Jay


2016-08-13 18_55_40-9098122 (1).pdf - Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
Rear proof page as received from PrintPlace.com


2016-08-13 18_55_06-9098122 (1).pdf - Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
Front proof page as received from PrintPlace.com

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