Ham Radio Deluxe and FlexControl

One of the cons to my station layout is the location of the VFO, it is centered on the desk and elevated. In order to operate the VFO your hand is elevated and supported just by your elbow. Having you hand elevated for more than a few hours such as when working a contest gets old fast.

While the mouse wheel is an option this only works when HRD Rig Control has “focus” this is a windows thing he who has focus, ie the active application gets the keyboard and mouse wheel inputs.

Searching the menus in HRD looking for options I noticed that a FlexControl option was available under tools external dial control in HRD Rig Control. Placed an order and it just works great for scanning the band, I am able to keep my wrist on the table and spin it with a finger.


I have placed the Flex Control for left hand use, my mouse is on the right and used for logging, spotting etc.


Setup is easy, under HRD Rig Control.

2016-08-14 16_42_36-HRD Rig Control - [FTDX-3000]

Select the device under the next menu and you are all set. While I installed the Flex radio package to get the virtual serial ports I found this unnecessary, just use actual serial port of the FlexControl.

2016-08-14 16_43_36-HRD Rig Control - [FTDX-3000]

73’s Until next time.


  1. I purchased a FlexControl based on your experience but am having a problem getting to work. I enable the FlexControl under the tool menu and selected the USB. Did you have install any other s/w with it?

    • Dave,

      I am unable to get it to work with the latest version of HRD as well. Searching the support forum I find no discussions on the topic. I would suggest engaging HRD support.

      73, Jay

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