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Thoughts on navigating the new and used equipment marketplace.


Yaesu DR2X Upgrade

In conjunction with the release of the latest generation of their Fusion repeater, Yaesu offered a program to upgrade those with DR-1X machines. I took advantage of the offer in December of 2017 and...


Name that key

A fellow Ham brought this to the weekly QCWA lunch today. If you can identify please leave a comment. Mystery solved, thanks to NN4RH for identifying. It is a “John King Key”


Baofeng UV-82 Review

I was in the market for a second handheld a few months back. Back when I purchased the Baofeng BF-F8 I decided against the Baofeng UV-82 for no other reason than it was the higher priced...

Union made in the USA tag 0

Tower Climbing Boots

The wayback machine Radio for me was at first a hobby which then led into an occupation. When I graduated college the unemployment rate in my home town of Rockford Ill was over 20%.The...

NRG Tech USB Sound card 2

USB Sound card review

After my initial success in getting digital modes to work using the motherboard built in sound capability. I wanted to explore options which would allow use of the motherboard for more traditional multimedia duties....