Baofeng UV-82 Review

I was in the market for a second handheld a few months back.

Back when I purchased the Baofeng BF-F8 I decided against the Baofeng UV-82 for no other reason than it was the higher priced of the two. And I decided to limit my exposure at the time to the BF-F8 price point.

Fast forward a few months and checking the online retailers I was pleasantly surprised to find the UV-82 available in the mid 30 dollar price range. Already having a compatible USB programing cable from my BF-F8 purchase, I ordered a UV-82 and a single button speaker mic.

The UV-82 has a “A” and “B” transmit button and speaker mics are available which mimic this. I don’t really have a use for this so I went with the single button mic.

Display on the UV-82 is much easier to read with the backlight off.
Display on the UV-82 is much easier to read with the backlight off.

Overall I prefer the UV82 over the BF-F8, the radio is slightly larger and just fits my hand better than the smaller BF-F8. I have not noticed any difference in the performance of the two radios. The features are also very similar, nothing notable comes to mind which would make me select one over the other based on features.

Size comparison of the the BF-F8 and the UV-82
UV-82 is overall slightly larger and has bigger buttons.


View of overall length of the BF-F8 compared to the the UV-82
The UV-82 has a slightly longer and more flexible antenna.

73’s unit next time, Jay



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