POTA K-5708 Feb 17th Activation

First activation of K-5708 Montrose Conservation Reserve. Thanks to the 88 hunters including 2 park to parks.

First 25 minutes of the activation.

Power plant
The coal fired plant across the cooling pond. Sort of a gloomy day.
The POTA Van
Just your basic boat ramp and the POTA van.

73, Jay


  1. Greetings Jay,

    I arrived via a search turning up your bit on Kenwood TM-2570A repair.

    After reading your post on the portable antenna mount I went looking for the post/comments that spawned it.

    I saw this post and wonder at what the mast/pole is fitted to the POTA Van mount. It’s not a Spiderbeam, and I wonder at it’s length, weight, composition (material), source, and rough cost. I’m still trying to find something with good length in GRP, or perhaps carbon fibre, that I can use this way, or carry.

    Cheers, John

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