Call History


Used: 5-March-2019 to present


Used: 19-Dec-2017 to 4-March-2019


Used: 26-May-1987 to 18-Dec-2017

All contact have been uploaded to eQSL, QRZ and LOTW.

Paper – Direct

If none of the electronic logs work for you or you must have a card, I now have supply of cards direct only.

US: Send me a card and I will return, address label is appreciated. My QSL cards are post card size if you send an envelope please ensure proper size.

International:  Send me a card, address label and $2


Update Dec 2016, I have sent funds to the Zero QSL Bureau. While I prefer the electronic options a card via the bureau is now an option.


After each QSO

eQSL (AG) (www.eqsl.cc)

HRDLog.net (hrdlog.net)

QRZ  (www.qrz.com)

I batch upload every couple of weeks to.



73’s Jay

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