FT-450D WSTJ-X Config

Setting up WSJT-X can be be a struggle if all the hardware and settings do not align. Based on a question by a reader a quick post on what has been working for me.


  • Avoid Prolific USB cables, too easy to get a clone and have issues with drivers. I am very happy with the Gearmo adapter, while it is a few bucks more than a plain cable the diagnostic LED’s are a wonderful aid. You will also need a straight Female to Female cable to convert the connector gender to what the radio and the USB cable need.
  • If you can solder make up your own audio cables, no need to lay out $$$ for a ham marketed external sound card. This is not hard to do, make your own.

Shopping list.

FT450D Settings

  1. CAT RTS Disable
  2. CAT TOT 10
  3. CAT Rate 38400

WSJT-X Setup

Your serial port # may vary from my environment. Once you mimic the settings below, pressing the “Test CAT” should get you a “Green” success.

I use an external USB sound card as I detailed in a separate posting.

Do it yourself Yaesu FT-450D Digital interface

The audio settings are simple to config chose the Microphone and Speakers which are appropriate to your setup. You will need to adjust the levels on both the input and output.


On your task bar you should have a speaker icon. Right click on this and select recording or playback devices, you will need to review both.

I have selected recording and a dialog similar to below will be displayed.

Adjust the level of the device as needed to bring the levels in the desired range in WSJT-X. The WSJT-X application has controls to adjust TX and RX levels, you do not want to run those controls at either extreme. Adjust these levels to achieve that.

Also ensure that the radio sound card is not the “Default Device” or “Default Communications Device”


Until next time

73 Jay


  1. Evening Jay,

    Got everything hooked up and I am making some headway with JT65. Now I do have Rig control, receive is working fine. Under settings when I hit the Test Cat it does turn green now.

    One problem I still have, when I try to transmit I get now RF power out as shown on the FT-450 meter. Any suggestions on what that problem may be?

    I really appreciate your time Jay, you have been very helpful.

    Thank you.

    • John,

      If you hear the radio switch into TX mode with no power out your problem is in the audio path. Ensure that the proper output device is selected in WSJT-X. If the radio is not entering TX, check the radio config and ensure that PTT is set to CAT. You also have the knobs on the Signalink to worry about, be very careful not to overdrive on TX, your objective is no as in zero ALC. Set your TX power level to 30 watts or so and watch the ALC level, none is the objective.

      73, Jay

      • Hi Jay,

        I am using the Signalink Interface in my setup. When I changed the PTT Method from CAT to VOX I got RF Power out. I made my first FT8 contact this afternoon on 40 meters.

        Thank you again for your advice and hand holding through this process.

        Very 73,
        John W9QP

  2. Hi Jay,

    Just a quickie question, when using my FT450D for digital modes USB is highlighted on the radio, when transmitting it goes to USB Data then back to USB on receive. Is this the normal operation, seems to be working fine?

    Thanks again.
    John W9QP

    • John,

      Is the WSJT-X settings, radio tab ensure you have FT-450 selected as the radio, and Mode set to Data/Pkt, PTT set to CAT and the correct speed. If Mode is none then the radio will stay in whatever mode you select via the front panel. Setting to Data/PKT will put the radio in USB DATA.

      73, Jay

  3. Good afternoon, Jay. I have a FT450D and have been using SignalLink USB for a couple of years on psk with success. Although I have been licensed since 1963 I have been slow to try out other digital modes. Today I downloaded the WSJT-X software. I cannot get a “green light” on the Test CAT settings screen no matter how many combinations I try. My serial port only indicates USB and the PTT Method Port indicates only USB. Any suggestions for setting up my Yaesu FT450D with WSJT-x for use on FT8 ?

  4. Any help in getting a green light on Test CAT would be appreciated. I am using a Yaesu FT450D, Signal Link USB and for the first time FT8 software via WSJT-X. My serial and PTT method ports default to USB. Thanks in advance.

  5. Hello

    I have FT450 (not D version).I followed your recommendation about the serial to usb cable and bought it.
    I also has simple usb sound card that works fine.
    When I’m working with VOX everything functioning good.
    When I’m working with CAT and all configuration as you wrote above while transmitting the power
    Drops almost to zero.
    I didn’t changed anything in sound card configuration.
    I need the CAT to work with SPLIT (Fox/Hound) mode.
    Any Idea to solve this problem.

    ELI – 4Z5PJ

    • Eli,

      Sorry for delay I wanted to test and ensure the 1.9.1 works fine with my FT450D prior to responding. As you have not provided much detail on when you have checked I would start with the radio power setting. If yours is like the D this is in a menu setting RFPOWER. Next I would check the audio level setting in Windows for your USB soundcard and check the TX level (PWR Slider) in WJST-X. I set mine by using the tune button and then raising the level until max output is reached. I then reduce the level until I see a reduction in output power on the PO (Power Out) meter on the 450D and leave the slider in this position.

      I use have used Split and no split with success. If you roll your VFO down 500hz it will bring the Fox up into the bandpass of the 450. Likewise you will need to do the math in your head and keep your TX signal up above 1500hz assuming a 500hz offset.

      Hope this helps, Jay

      • Hello

        Thanks for your reply.I’ll try to test it like you suggested and see if it helps.
        As I wrote the problem occurs only when I’ trying to work with CAT.
        If I’m working with VOX there is no problem.

        ELI – 4Z5PJ

  6. Hi Jay

    I followed your reply and after changing configuration on the sound cards and checked DATA/PKT ,It’s
    working now and I’m enjoying every minute on FT8.
    Appriciate very mucu your help and maybe will meet on the bands sometime.

    ELI – 4Z5PJ

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