Yaesu FTM-400DR Microphone Extension

Stock configuration

Picked up a FTM-400 for use in the shack and quickly concluded that I did not care to have the transceiver body near the operating position as would be mandated by the length of the stock mic cord.

The factory mic extension cable is crazy expensive so I began to poke around the net for alternatives. What I found only partially filled my needs I wanted a solid jack which I could mount in the shack.

As Yaesu uses a RJ12 6 conductor setup for the mic, finding off of the shelf telecommunications parts to extend mic jack was not a problem.


I shopped around Amazon.com and ordered the following piece parts. All in the parts were less than $15. And will provide a solid remote jack and in my case 7 feet of cord to remote locate the transceiver body.


Keystone coupler, keystone surface mount and 7 feet of flat satin modular cable

Keystone coupler, keystone surface mount and 7 feet of flat satin modular cable



Ensure that your cable is straight through

Attach cable to keystone jack, insert into keystone surface mount and secure cable with supplied tie.


Cable inserted into coupler and snapped into surface mount

Attach cover


Cable assembly completed

Apply an RFI choke for good measure



Extension cord with RFI choke attached to radio

Pat yourself on the back, another successful shack project.


Installation complete

73’s Until next time, Jay

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16 Responses

  1. George Hoefer says:

    My name is George N9WSQ. I was wondering if you would make me one of these extension cables for my FTM-400 DR. And sell it to me. Just let me know what it would cost me.

    • admin says:


      There is really nothing for me to make. I would be happy to provide the Amazon part numbers which on receipt just plug together.


  2. Dan says:

    Hi Jay, just came across this article… Some members of our club in PA might be interested in doing this as a project… Can you please forward the amazon part numbers or links that you used for it?

    Dan Z (AA3O)

    • admin says:


      These are the Amazon ASIN numbers, search for them individually on Amazon.com.


      73 and have fun, Jay

      • Dan says:

        Thanks Jay, Kevin and I both have the FTM-400 and extending the Mic is “one of those things”… 🙂
        Appreciate the pointers to parts!


  3. Kevin, KW3P says:

    I just saw your article, and your reply to George. Would you supply the part numbers so that I may order them through Amazon? Thank you. Kevin, KW3P

    • admin says:


      These are the Amazon ASIN numbers, search for them individually on Amazon.com.


      73 and have fun, Jay

  4. Jim says:

    I built my own from parts acquired from my local ACE hardware store. The RJ12 6 pin connectors are available in a multi pack. and an RJ12 inline female connector. You will also need the crimping tool.Then build the cable to desired length using cat5 cable. Connect one end of the new cable to the radio and other to the RJ12 inline female. Connect your microphone to the other female port and you are back on the air.

  5. John Stadtfeld says:

    Great post. I have found parts a little cheaper.

    The RJ12 Cable for $1.00 plus 4 in change, and the connector was $5.95. They have cheaper versions, but I wanted a ‘thru-the-chassis’ connector.
    From Showmecables.com: RJ12 Line Cord – 6 Conductor – Straight – 7 FT SKU: 15-302-007S
    From Newark.com : 89M9514 ECF504B-6S


    • admin says:


      Thanks for the research, based on your note I checked (and fixed a typo in an url) the costs from your suppliers including and those from Amazon (using my Prime membership), and with shipping factored in very close. I was surprised that the RJ12 coupler has tripled in price since I wrote the post. It pays to shop around and price check.

      73, Jay


    Thanks for this post! Its’ exactly what I was looking for.

  7. Gregg Schulz says:

    Great article. Took me 30 seconds to put all the parts together and extend my microphone so I can have the base in my trunk and my display and mic up by the driver’s seat in my Chevrolet Cruze.

  8. Kevin Kimbro says:

    Thanks for this post and all the work you did on finding parts. I have the FTM-100DR and was struggling to find place to install my unit but the mic was too short. I have a Chrysler 300 and it has no flat spaces to mount a radio so this little kit allows me to put base under my seat and use head separation kit and an external speaker to hide my main unit. Works great. Thanks so much!

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