Yaesu USB Driver Update

November 11, 2018 W0JD 4

11.Nov.2018 Update I have lost track of how many updates Microsoft has released since I first penned this article a few years ago. Working to […]

Yaesu DR2X Upgrade

April 15, 2018 W0JD 0

In conjunction with the release of the latest generation of their Fusion repeater, Yaesu offered a program to upgrade those with DR-1X machines. I took […]

FT-450D WSTJ-X Config

September 17, 2017 W0JD 60

Setting up WSJT-X can be be a struggle if all the hardware and settings do not align. Based on a question by a reader a […]

N0IAI-R Wires-X is up

October 16, 2015 W0JD 0

Exploring new things, received the HRI-200 Interface and my Wires-X ID today. Repeater is running in Auto/Fix(FM) until Yaesu releases a upgrade which is expected Q1-16.

NRG Tech USB Sound card

USB Sound card review

October 28, 2014 W0JD 2

After my initial success in getting digital modes to work using the motherboard built in sound capability. I wanted to explore options which would allow […]