2017 Vacation

The MO traffic crew was curious about the vacation Julie and I just returned from so here are some highlights.

First day at the cabin, temps in the 70’s, sunny with a light breeze.
This is the engine house at the Soudan iron mine state park. This mine was donated to the state back in the 60’s, we last visited the park 10 years ago.
Main elevator winch
Boarding the train prior to returning back to the elevator. We are half a mile down and if I recall a mile from the elevator. Temp is 52 year round.
The mine started as a surface mine back in the 1800’s prior to going underground.
Out of the frame to the left is a hazard marker. This is a natural chain of lakes with a lot of big hard rock waiting for the careless boat driver.


    • It was great to get away I wished we lived closer to the area. There is a huge bolder in the channel between a couple of islands could not resist the photo op.

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