Yaesu FT-8800R programming with FTB8800 by G4HFG

The FT-8800 is a wonderful and capable radio which can also be a real bear to program without the aid of PC software. In another post I take the reader through the process of using Chirp, which for those not familiar with it. Chirp is a community developed application which supports a bunch of radios and is suited if your needs are basic and you can figure things out without a manual.

If however you want to setup via your PC hyper memories or all of the settings in the menu system. Then you will need to look elsewhere as this is beyond the capabilities of Chirp.

Searching around for an alternative I found a package by G4HFG (http://www.g4hfq.co.uk/) which has the ability to program all aspects of the radio. It was simple to install, download my current settings from the radio, adjust the banks and hyper-memories to my preferences. And push it all back in to the radio.

The software guides the operator step by step to get the radio in programming mode, so unlike my Chirp article, no need for a separate how to manual. Finally I can take advantage of memory banks and link them to hyper memory buttons to change the persona of the radio as needed.

Highly recommended.

73’s Until next time, Jay


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