FoxDelta – USB Antenna Analyzer review

With antenna analyzer prices approaching the cost of a used HF rig I was on the lookout for a good balance of cost and value. I initially looked at commercially available USB analyzer, but these too had a poor cost to value ratio.

Ran across an article in a past CQ issue, reviewing a FoxDelta antenna analyser kit which on the surface looked great. The reviews were good and at $54 shipped not a lot of risk if it went wrong.

To learn more check out the following websites:

Image of the USB port end of the device. A USB and expansion port dominate this end.
USB and expansion port dominate one end.
Image of the BNC end of the device.
BNC connector and a LED are on the other end.

The SMD are either pre-installed, or matted to a socket which makes this a simple through hole construction project. The parts are provided in labeled little plastic bags which aligns with names on the parts list. The list in turn lists the locations for that part type.

Simple process of opening a bag and with the parts list as a guide, insert that part in each location identified. I spent a total of 5 hours over two evenings populating the board.

Image of the component side view of the completed board
Component side view of the completed board

The operations manual has full details of the PC software and use of the Analyser. I have been having a problem with a multiband vertical having a high SWR on 10m. Something that the analyser was quickly able to confirm.

vert full after
Broadband scan of the vertical

The PC interface is easy to setup and simple to use. The screen capture below is a scan of 20m.

Screen capture of the PC application after a 20m analysis.
Application screen shot of a 20m analysis.

In conclusion, fun to build, easy to use and a great value. Highly recommended.

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