Old dog new tricks, the Amateur Radio General exam

I am really interested in the HF digital modes and well with a Technician license most of it is out-of-bounds. So an upgrade to General was a priority and a goal I set for myself. The annual South Side ARC Hamfest was scheduled for today, Oct 19th and I wanted to be ready to take and pass the exam.

So I set about researching what resources were available online and I found a wonderful resource in Mike and Brian’s Guide at www.hamclass.org. I downloaded the document and put it on my tablet, and over a week of reading and reviewing the material. I discovered many new things had come into the hobby in the 20 years I had been dormant.

Next on the agenda, test my absorption take some practice tests. Listening to the local repeater one afternoon I heard a new call and what sounded like a freshly minted ham. I answered back to his well “CQ” on the repeater and sure enough his first contact.

In response to my congratulations, he gave much credit to an app which he installed on his phone in order to practice anywhere and anytime. Well that is just brilliant, so off to Google Play to look at what the marketplace has to offer. The winner in my book is Ham Test Prep by iversoft.com.

On to the tablet it went along with a goal of taking 5 tests a day.

Ham Test Prep for Android
Ham Test Prep for Android

So whats next?

Back www.hamclass.org to download the Extra guide of course!!


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