Old dog new tricks – part deux

After passing the General exam a few weeks back, the examiners encouraged everyone who passed to stretch themselves a bit and go for the next element if one was available. I was allowed to review the questions and only fill out an answer sheet if I thought there was a hope.

While I was studying for the general I resisted looking at any of the Extra class material so I had low hopes of being able to succeed above my preparation. If I recall I missed a little less than half, something like 23 of 50.

I was encouraged by these results and set a goal to prepare for the Raytown Hamfest which was a scant two weeks away on November 1st.

I began to search around the web for resources and found an excellent Extra study guide published by the Villages Amateur Radio Club.

For sample test duties I continued to rely on what had worked so well for me on the general exam, Ham Test Prep by iversoft.com. I followed the same regiment as I had for the general, 5 tests a day for self evaluation. And keeping the Villages study guide on my table for reference.

Sat the exam this morning at the Hamfest and was successful.

73’s Jay

Ham Test Prep for Android by iversoft.com
Ham Test Prep for Android




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