Tower Time – Part 6 – RSL Assembly


A productive day, Marty NW0L came over and with my son John helping, we were able to assemble the core structure in three and a half hours. After lunch we spent several hours truing up the structure, torquing the fasteners and installing rotor plates and other add ons.


Good Times

Overall the Rohn RSL Tower was easy and quick to assemble with just basic hand tools. I did have several bull pins on hand and they were handy in removing any zinc flashing in the holes. And also were a great help in getting the larger pieces lined up.

Alignment and accessories

Final bracing installation on top section

Topping out

Interior view, tower complete

View from the base

View of the alignment string from the top

Alignment string down the top leg

View of complete tower

Alignment complete

Top plate view

Top plate installed

View of rotor plate installation

Installing rotor plate

Top view of thrust bearing

Thrust bearing installed

Layout and Assembly

View from the base

View from the base

View of cross braces on a trailer prior to installation.

120 Cross braces, once started you development a grove and it moves along pretty quick.

View of bare rails laid out and awaiting cross brace installation.

Bottom two rails laid out ready to accept braces.

view of section 9 assembly

Top leg of bottom section installed, moving on to next section.

View of partially constructed tower

Four sections to go

Side view of brace installation.

Prepping side braces for top rail install.



73 Until next time, Jay

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