DMR Adventures

 How are HAMs using DMR?

The Kansas City metro is a mix, there is a single standalone VHF machine and 3 networked machines in the KC metro and an additional 4 in surrounding towns.

The mixed mode (Analog & DMR) DMR machine is somewhat more active than many of the machines in KC. This is less the technology and more the club which sponsors the repeater. Many of the other stand alone analog machines in the KC area are silent day in and day out aside from the odd net or special event. We do have several 2m machines which participate in a Midwest regional inter-tie system, and these machines are quite active.

In contrast the single DMR repeater which I can reach hosts 5 talk groups across the two time slots. The talk groups hosted on the KC metro machines are global, continental, regional and local. The North American talk group is the most active and the local and Midwest talk groups see little activity.

DMR is a neat technology which when networked offers some really cool capabilities. In the end it depends on where you live and what you want if DMR makes sense for you.

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