Yaesu DR-1X 1.10j Firmware we have a winner !

We Have a Winner

Good news everyone!!!

With the release of DR-1X firmware version 1.10j in conjunction with the current version of the Wires-X software all initial indications are we have a winner!!

I hedge a bit as the upgrade was performed less than 24 hours ago, however with the prior version a couple of hours was the mean time to fail.

73 Until next time,




  1. Thanks for posting this – my ARC has 2 DR-1Xs on 2m and 70cm respectively. Can the Radio2 port be used to connect both repeaters as separate node IDs, or do they have to have separate PCs and HRI-200s?

    • Chris,

      Double everything is needed, two instances of Wires-X, HRI-200 and public IP addresses. Your ISP may be able to provide multiple you will need to check.

      73, Jay

  2. Hello, I’m looking for the firmware to dr-1XE not the newest but can not find any records with this. What I look for is Version 1.10j but where can I find it?

    • As version 1.10j is no longer the latest version and no longer available on the Yaesu website. I would recommend calling or writing Yaesu tech support.

      Regards, Jay

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