Getting active again

After a 15 year pause in the hobby, I have pulled the gear off the shelves and discovered that while all of it still works, several expected items have run out of life. The first being the lithium backup batteries in my old Kenwood TH-215A handheld and of course the handheld batteries.

A quick search of EBay located vendors for the appropriate battery with the required solder tabs, and a search of the web located a source for the needed PB-2 battery packs. In a era where a complete dual band handheld can be bought for less than $40, the investment in the old Kenwood was purely sentimental.

With those items taken care of I formed a list of areas to explore and systems which I needed to re-activate or rebuild.

Inventory what I have
Operating position
Antennas and something to put them on
New handheld, mobile (maybe), HF Rig and all of the as-sundry items needed for a viable station.

Next on the list was sorting out the antenna situation as I had taken down years ago all of my external antennas. And accessing what would work best to mount all of the antennas on.

73’s Until next time