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I initially started with an old desktop system that I had laying around and it got the job done. However it was noisy, had rotating parts and would at some point in the future would fail. I looked for alternatives and the “Quantum Byte” from Azulle Tech seemed to be a good solution for the task at hand. I don’t host a big room, rather I connect into other rooms so I would not need a lot of processing to fan-out a UDP stream to multiple participants. All I am intending to run on the system is Wires-X so a dual core intel Atom with 2Gb of memory and 32gb of storage would be more than enough.

I picked mine up from Amazon, the advert indicated that Windows 8 came pre installed. On receipt Windows 10 Home was actual installed which has not been an issue.

  • 3.6 Watts power consumption compared to around 90 watts for the Dell desktop. Subtracting the cost of the windows license it will pay for itself within a year alone on power savings.
  • Includes a Windows 10 Home license.
  • Note Windows 10 Home does not provide RDP (Remote desktop) support. This is easily fixed with an RDP Wrapper Library available on GitHub.
  • With the provided jumper installed the box will auto start when applied power. See the Azulle support site for full details.


Cover removed to install the auto boot jumper
Cover removed to install the auto boot jumper


In the cabinet
In the cabinet

73 Until the next time, Jay


  1. Hi, M1DKP here, I purchased one of these little desktop for wires x. I am having some issues. RDP will not always let me log on, and wires x tells me that the cable is not connected. Do you have any ideas? Are you still using yours for wires x?

    • Alan,

      Still using mine works great, I use Remote Utilities for remote access. I would validate the HRI-200 setup with another PC.

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