Tower Time – Part 8 – Wrap up


The county building department came out after the tower was set and signed of on the project. With this formality complete I was able to back fill all of the trenches while the soil was dry and easy to work with. The moisture and freezing temps over the winter should break down the clay soil nicely.

Internet service

The folks from KCWeb  came out and installed a 1ft dish with integrated POE 5.8Ghz radio over which internet service is delivered.

View of the WISP Antenna
WISP Antenna just below the rotor plate.

Cushcraft A3S

I decided to go with a moderate wind load tribander to round out the installation. I chose the Cushcraft A3S and other than having the wrong size plastic end caps, the assembly was painless. Cushcraft (MFJ) had the correct parts to me in a couple of days.

Cushcraft A3S antenna out of the box.
Cushcraft A3S parts

Done for the season

Not the best antenna weather, overcast in the high 30’s, but thankfully no to little wind. Once again Marty NW0L came out and with Julie helping wrangled the ropes. The antenna was quickly in place and connected to the feed-line I pulled weeks earlier.

With the installation of the tribander complete, I am done with antenna and tower work until next summer. Time to sit back and enjoy working the bands for several months.


IMG_3378 IMG_3376

Whats Next?

Still want to document some lessons learned and write up a few reviews for products used during the project.

73’s Jay



  1. Who couldn’t love a face like Sugar’s. She looks sweet. The tower looks sweet also.
    It was great having the QSO with you . Hope to meet you again.

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